Sunday, August 3, 2008

H.264 testing

Mpeg-4 H.264 testing

-Process has escaleted to encoding 26 minute History of Case Video to assess quality and file sizes.

-3 choices, Mpeg-4 CBR (constant Bit Rate), MPEG-4 Variable Bitrate, and Quicktime H.264 Constant bit rates.

-Target or CBR was set to 700 kbps for all three

-Mpeg-4 H.64's took 1 hr for a 27 minute clip.
-Quicktime took 1 hour 6 minutes

-Results will be posted on itunes once uploaded.

Files are now on itunes in the H264 Test Album

-So far the Quicktime looks way better with dissolves and motion. More research is needed.

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