Monday, July 28, 2008

Sony DSR-1500 Composite In-The Riddle May be Solved

1. The two newest Sony DSR-1500a DVCAM decks we ordered )In Avid 1 and the Final Cut Suite) do not have the optional analog video/audio in board, part number DSR-1500a

2. The two decks that have the optioanl board (Avid Suite 2 and Head End) do not see analog video nor can they record analog video.

After contacting Sony support and waiting 1 week for a response here is what I have learned.

It appears that serial numbers less than 120,000 need a firmware update to be able to use the optional analog in board part number DSBK-1505

Our decks have serail numbers 191364 (HeadENd) and 101379 (Avid 2)

Sony stated that we needed part number EDSR15A01 (Priced Below)

$250 per update!!!!!

3. I contacted Sony Support again with this email


I talked with another tech at Sony and he stated if the serial number was below 120,000 which ours are at serial #'s (101364, 101379) that we needed a firmware upgrade to use composite in. The part number is EDSR15A01 and it costs $250. So we have to pay $250 for each deck to be able to record analog in? How much is installation. What is the turnaround time? What if this this is not the solution to our problem? This is the only deck that I have used in my nearly 10 years in video that needed a firmware update to see composite video in. Very strange...Please Advise.

4. Waiting for a response for best course of action.

5. Our options.

a. Demand Sony give us the firmware and install it for free
b. Put the analog in boards in the decks we jsut ordred and move those to the correct locations (ie head end) as they have the new firmware.
c. Buy the firmware and have it installed or install it ourselves. It involves replacing a chip on a board somewhere in the deck which I have never done.

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